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Have fun with maths in online classes… 4 Fun Math Games here for you…

Math games… WOW!! Engage your online classes, mold skills in Maths. We have some fascinating stuff to discuss. Numbers… Are you confident to discuss fun in numbers? The new academic year has begun, where children are more enthusiastic to find teachers, friends, and new lessons. On the eve of online classes, are you ready to sharpen your math skills? If you are not utilizing a moment for math games, it’s a real miss of creative and effective ideas & solutions. 

The Natural Love of Numbers…

Numbers are exactly what we measure success with. 

  • Numbers develop clarity & commitments
  • Numbers deliver results
  • Numbers carve teamwork
  • Numbers get you done your problems fast

Do teachers find it troublesome to discuss mathematical concepts in online classes? Do children find it complicated to comprehend algebraic equations, geometry to name just a few…? Assimilate fun games in your class activities and assignments. Enjoy Maths… Win Numbers…

Nurture your kids some math fun. In today’s online trek, make your math class the best part of the day. 

Come!! Let’s dig into the secret math games…

  • Math Bingo

Well!! Have you played Bingo cards? This is an interesting twist to traditional bingo games. Give the cards handy to your students. Here’s the trick to make them learn equations and multiplications. Call out the equation rather than numbers, say 3*9 instead of calling out 27. Students of classes 3-6 memorize easily and more interestingly the multiplications while playing the game.

  • Math Baseball

Often this game requires 2 team members. So, divide the team of your class and raise a set of math questions. You can call upon two team captains and have a toss to conclude which team will combat the very first. The pitching team may ask math questions of difficulty or tricky. Correct answers get a check on the batting team. Incorrect answers may rule out that student. A team can have 3 rule-outs. Best suited for ages 2-8. 

  • Hopscotch Math

The game matches for kids 1-4 grades. Is addiction or subtraction getting tiring for your kids? This is quite fun to go ahead… Have a chalk and draw the number hopscotch that signifies a calculator. Let the first player toss a number. Then he hops on an equation that equals the number. For ex: he tossed number 1. 

For equation +, the answer is 1+0=1,

For equation -, the answer is 3-2…

The game continues until the kid makes the mistake of tossing on a line or hopping on an incorrect equation. 

  • Bouncing Sums

Children graded 3rd to 8th can move around your class by having fun with bouncing sums. Now label integers, decimals, and fractions on the beach ball. By touching one of their thumbs on the label, ask them to read aloud and toss the ball onto any other student & so on… The game, therefore, continues where students add or multiply with the number previous student raised. See how children reach the highest of the numbers while tossing the ball. 

20 Exciting Math Games for Kids…


Wanna make this year’s math class more engaging? Alright, now practice these games and find yourself in math fluency. Math is Fun… Share your experience with us!!

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