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Make your child a literary genius… Raise a READER with Greenchalk!!

Are you a desperate parent? Are you fortunate on the verge of your son’s or daughter’s schoolings? How far are your kids in the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic? Some may endure the stress of having a lousy internet connection, or anxiety of learning through online classes. 

Now, are you keen to give your lad some good news?

Yes… Time has rushed to feed your kids a regular diet of literary skills. Habitual reading indulges the improvement in reading as well as writing comprehension. Many of the children are indeed tackling the English language. Ensure they read whatever curiosities them at least 1-2 hrs a day and interrogate the same topic with them. Of course, you can inquire about complex questions or a second judgment on literary topics. 

But there is so much you can do to earn love in reading… And what could be that??

“How to raise a reader?”… a common concern of many. Step throughout the article and dig your solutions. 

  • Be yourself a reader

The first and foremost way of raising a reader. Just imagine how often your child finds you read… Definitely, it insists a reader in themselves. Reading while at relaxation time or in the way of your traveling path reveals to your kids a pleasant moment with literary stories. 

  • Keep books within the reach of your children

Having books easily accessible to kids is another facet of raising a reader. Some may not endorse this… Some may wish their collective books to be tidily and attractively kept. But experts suggest if your prime goal is to raise a reader, then prioritize quantity rather than quality. Create a reading environment merely not just for education but also pleasure thoughts. 

  • Can you provide your child a bookshelf?

Ensure your kids have their bookshelf. Let them build a habitual interest in collecting books and develop individual readers. Start a curious reader from the very young age of your children.

  • Get the pictured and bright colored text for toddlers

Board books probably can grasp the attention of toddlers. They love to point pictures of things and narrate them loudly. The bright colors, patterns, and images are quite crispy to observe. Then slowly move on to the long books. Some kids may get distracted & repel away while reading. Still keep on reading as they build their vocabulary. 

  • Kids may swing to the same book over & over again

Most of the parents worry that their children will stick to the same book over and over again. But it isn’t a matter of concern, rather they are progressing as a thinker. Each time when contents are repeated stimulates brain development in them. Apart from learning, they are nourishing creative memories. It’s all about their likes and dislikes. 

Does early reading create genius children? Read below

When was the last time your kid had a book? Have you discussed the same with them? 

Children learn from their parents or caretakers. Henceforth, reflect on the exact way of reading, learning, and other behavioral sense. Rather than scrolling through social media or checking mail all the time, comfort your kids by reading literary books. Bedtime stories are another bookmarked approach to indulge reading routine. 

  • Rule out getting books at hard or conflict times. 
  • Are they showing resistance to reading? Maybe they haven’t been acquainted with the books they prefer.

Raise a reader in a stress-free and fun manner. Have you got some suggestions? Let’s debate some…

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