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Practical Tips to Increase Student Enrollment

With the impact of COVID-19, education management systems have been shuttered making student enrollment at a higher risk. Institutions are looking for online school management software to overcome this uncertainty and achieve the yearly enrollment goals.

Following are certain tips to manage the challenges in school admission management system and to work against this crisis:

Sign up for an admission form or registration form integrated into the school’s website.
During social distancing, avoid the physical presence of students and parents for inquiries or admission by promoting home support school online application systems. Once the application form is being filled, they can upload and the concerned admin can track the registered details. Also, various applicants’ data are sorted accordingly.

Lead generation
The admin department can track various admission leads with right alerts and within no time. They can communicate with the lead applicants and deliver the required information in this social distancing.

Fee collection and verification of documents
The documents of shortlisted applicants can be verified through school management online software with all the required information being uploaded. Any inappropriate information can be cross-checked remotely and also can track the fraudulent activities if any. Completed verified documents can lead the next step of fee submission online in a click.

Allotment process
Once the administration work gets completed, the student can be allocated to various batches. Core subjects can be segregated as per the information given.

This social distancing era is a crucial time to invest in School ERP platforms and Greenchalk is a one spot solution for school management service. Greenchalk is a unique cloud-based school administration software integrated with a lesson plan, curriculum & calendar, timetable, etc.

Various modules for inquiry, admission, communication makes this CRM for school management a vital role in this shutdown period. It can also support the academy management system.