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Tips for Parents to Guide Children learning at Home Support Online Classroom

The COVID-19 pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy affecting mankind all over the world. Schools and Institutions have been shut down and students are out of the path from the daily learning routine on school campuses. Hence the Education Management System has decided to integrate its website with Home Support School Management Online Software.

As a part of this, many schools have started online classes from their comfort zone. Teachers can conduct lectures, make lesson plans via video conferencing either live or being recorded to upload for later use.

Here are few tips for parents to support their children in e-learning:

  • Keep a schedule

In school, students are under disciplinary routine. This makes students set time to wake up in the morning, time to have snacks and set a playtime & learning period. So due to the global lockdown, there are chances to lose their routine method. Hence it is important for parents to create a conventional routine for their kids to follow a right mind.

  • Help setting up goal for your kids

While being at home,it is not possible for children to adapt to the exact routine of school timetables. Hence parents can encourage them to set up in small capsules of time,ie; set up certain fixed time for e-learning, followed by a play time so that they don’t get bored at the non- stop screen learning and can complete their work on time.

  • Provide a learning environment

To provide a good atmosphere is not that much easy as we say. Every home may not be luxurious but parents can try to avoid any kind of distractions while their children are moving on e-learning.

  • Check Messages and Communicate with school

Help children check all updations from teachers, school management and other students & connect them via online discussion forums.

This helps students to clarify their queries if any.

  • Make learning fun 

Parents can encourage students with online learning games, interactive quizzes etc apart from the conventional learning trends.

  • Explore new hobbies

Learning from home is not a stressful experience for children as it is coupled with ample breaks, games & fun, engaging in cooking, gardening, painting etc.

Make e-learning a good opportunity for children to explore a digital world & experience a virtual classroom while being safe at home.

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