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Set up Home Support Online Classroom Today

With an unprecedented situation of lockdown, education management systems have closed Its operations and are focusing fully on Online School Management  Software. This school online application system is an immediate concern of today. 

Home support online classroom is an expert School ERP where students can learn in their comfort zone being safe at home. So set up a cost effective online classroom with some of the following advanced learning management systems.

  • Offline tools like video cameras and other accessories help record the classes for uploading. Either it can be performed live via video conferencing or recorded to upload.
  • Digital tools like PowerPoint Presentation helps students to grasp the subject visually. Assigning projects and conducting online exams are other benefits.
  • Online meeting platforms can be initiated so that teachers, students and parents bond can be maintained. Also school management can update and discuss the ongoing academic operations with teachers and other staff.
  • Updated Automatic Alerts of various new class sessions helps students to access the course content either through live or recorded.
  • Conducting Q&A discussions on each topic encourages students to engage in e-learning at home. Students can post their doubts & queries and can resolve it using this platform like they were in real class.

To provide a home support online classroom in this critical time, Greenchalk has come out with an integrated curriculum, timetable & calendar and lesson plan. Various modules for enquiry, admission, communication makes Greenchalk a vital role in this shut down period

Greenchalk is a unique spot CRM for School Management. It brings an innovative platform managing Academy Management System and School Admission Management System. This revolutionary low-cost system is a School Management Service. It is also known for School Administration Software which manages daily operations remotely and effortlessly.