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Do you know the importance of Bus Tracking System in School?

One of the biggest concerns of caring parents is the safety of their children not only on the school campus but also while commuting to school and back. Professionally employed parents lack time in dropping the child to school and hence depend on school buses offered by the campus. 

Hence there is utter importance of a bus tracking system to monitor the school buses and ensure the safety of students while going to school and back. It can track the location of school transport carrying children in various locations. 

Here are some of the benefits of Bus Tracking System:

  • Real Time Tracking

This is one of the greatest challenges faced by the school authorities and parents to track the school transport management system. As soon as the bus leaves the school, an automatic alert is sent to parents. Both static and live updates are available so that parents can notify any kind of deviation or delay of buses.

  • Scheduling & Routing Bus Trips

Student transportation involves caring and careful routing and scheduling of trips. These have to be monitored to ensure safe transportation. The Bus Tracking System integrated in School Management Software maps out the routes traveled, time taken, and also allows school authorities to review the schedule and change if any. It also tracks the no: of children in buses thus ensuring safety.

  • Tracking Driver Behaviour

Tracking systems are essential to analyze driver behavior during picking and dropping time. Over speed, sharp turns, violating traffic rules, etc can be tracked by School Management and take concerted action.

  • Message and Notification

While using school transport, school authorities & parents receive alerts or notification under emergency route deviation or early/late arrival of children.

  • Utilise Budget

Any educational institution runs better if it can satisfy every aspect of financial expenditure. One way of reducing the wastage of funds is to improve the transport system of schools. Tracking systems can contribute by improving route efficiency to save fuel and fuel cost, scheduling timely vehicle maintenance, etc.

These are some of the ways to ensure student safety. Hence it is an immediate concern to utilize the bus tracking system integrated into the school’s website.

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