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What are the traumas and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in the education sector?

COVID-19 pandemic is a crucial outbreak for schools and colleges which has been shut temporarily with the spread of the disease. There is no such certainty in the reopening of schools for this academic year. Various admissions and competitive exams are directed via an online platform. The Student Management System in Kerala promotes excellence in education via home support online classroom.

The traditional strategy of schooling and learning on the other hand has solely transformed into an e-learning solution. Teaching, assessment, group projects, meetings, GD, debates, etc are enrolling in the online media. Meanwhile, children are harmonized with depression and anxiety as they are shut from all the outdoor travels, entertainment, and games.

Whereas some Indian students who are exploring abroad are barred from leaving the country as well. Policymakers are figuring out various strategies to rejuvenate the conventional mode of education system via digital solution.

New methods of the education system

Virtual learning is a worthwhile alternative for leveraging interesting and interactive classes remotely. This viable solution is tailored to reduce the spread of infection to students all around. The concept of digital education is a customized learning possibility of technology which could resume learning even in the emergency era.

Apart from the traditional white chalk and blackboard teaching, it is a personalized revolutionary world-class platform for teachers, staff, students, and parents. A high-quality spatial learning analysis cultivates logical reasoning and thinking in students. Without any physical boundaries, students are confined to self-assessment in their comfort zone.

The Government of India has strategized various policies to provide an uninterrupted and proper digital infrastructure in rural streams where students who are not financially sound and lack a budget.


Students might get deflected from virtual learning and deviate to online games, social media, and more. Utilize instant feedback options, use creative content, interesting video lessons, FAQ forums, debates, etc.

The second glaring challenge is conducting online exams. Proper monitoring of students should be embedded to mitigate the examination process. Teachers should impart instant responses to students as well as parents to pose an ever-evolving learning solution for today.

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