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Why do we celebrate National Doctors Day?

National Doctors Day 2020 is earmarked every year on 1st July to thank the physicians and doctors for their dedicated services to patients. It is an opportunity to express our gratitude to all medical professionals who serve patients round the clock especially at a time when doctors are bogged down by the number of COVID-19 cases.

The year 2020 is an outbreak in the medical field as doctors have definitely come forefront to heal against the virus spreading far and wide for 24 hrs with no rest. So it is fair that they have a day for their relentless efforts towards achieving the goal. 

The theme is dedicated keeping in mind the appreciation and recognition of the significant roles who have put themselves into danger to treat the daily rise of COVID-19 cases. The Government of India established ‘July 1’ as National Doctors Day which is the birth and death day of Dr. B C Roy who was a legendary physician & second Chief Minister of West Bengal.

On the very auspicious day, highlights campaigns with free medical checkup camps, consultation workshops, etc. These awareness campaigns emphasize the value of doctors in our life and promote medical professionals to come forward and follow the responsibilities of their profession very dedicatedly.

People all over the country could appreciate Doctors Day by sending them bouquets or greeting cards. Since social distancing matters today, people could applaud them from their comfort zone and doorways.

Let’s salute the remarkable improvements in the medical field and the medical professionals on the very auspicious day.