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Are you looking for some Educational Trends in the year 2020?

Previously the technology was limited to developed nations and corporate webs. The rapid rate of digital advancement managed to transform our lives into artificial intelligence.

Technology has catalyzed the growth of educational sectors witnessing the high-tech emergence of new learning strategies. These imparted trends are shaping the demands of learners, teachers, and industries.

Let’s have a look at how Technology approaches create ideas to build a strong education system in the future

1.Concept-based learning
The abrupt shift towards digital transformation is emboldening a concept-based approach to frame core skills and future-oriented in young minds. It does what the traditional curricular design cannot and focus on transferable understanding to make their learning a sense. Ultimately children can visualize patterns, connect concepts, and learn beyond the contest of subjects.

2.Blended Learning
The learning trends have transformed from computers to mobile phones creating a mix of digital and human connections. Considerable planning and recalibration are inevitable in the post-COVID time until situations get reconciled & everyone is safe back returning to school. Online learning is a remarkable encounter, thus fuelling the trends at anywhere anytime.

Students are opting for platforms like Google, Mobile apps & YouTube to gather information and watch video illustrations.

3.The rise of personalized learning
Now Technology exists to provide personalized roadways leading teachers to challenge or intervene as appropriate. This is due to the wealth of data analytics in educational technology. Customized learning influenced the advent of smartphones/tablets where learners can personally log in and move through the interactive era.

‘Do It Yourself’ concept reshoots the education & students can mix match concepts in practical thoughts with the ever-evolving digital platform. This advancement has transformed opportunities beyond traditional books & indulge in better subject knowledge.

4.Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence integrates schools & teaching strategies to a personalized level. Also, encourage students to learn by using video game design & game elements in the learning process. It is a revolutionary system to enhance the multidisciplinary approach in the teaching-learning process.

Artificial Intelligence-powered online- assessment tools can set question papers by itself or from existing question banks, moderate and right up calculating results hence lessening the ever existed burden of admin tasks.

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