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Check out these Books where every student should browse to boost a successful career!

Books have been best buddies of ours since a long way back. Books serve as treasury expanding one’s horizons of knowledge and aspire personalities to attain the highest potential. Meanwhile, you can hone your skills in diverse sectors and explore it, in reality, to redefine yourself into a significant phase.

With the current scenario of lockdown, it has become a bit of a challenge to wield your ample time to diversify your knowledge and skills. Make this lockdown a turning point for all the inquisitive minds yearning to learn something new every day. Try yourself lost in a book, enough to get you to the end of the current lockdown.

With bookstores being shut at the moment, you could still go online to a number of e-book stores and download a book on your tablet/notebook/phone. Here are some of the good suggestions of books for young minds to amplify their growth quotient.

  • ‘The World is Flat: The Globalised World in the 21st century’ by Thomas Fredman

The book, The World is Flat by Thomas Fredman candidly explains the drivers of globalization throughout the ever-changing trends of the world economy. Since the current COVID pandemic is a classic example of the spillover effect of globalization, the book guides you which preaches responsible living.

  • ‘Good to Great’ by Jim Collins

This book reveals that good is the enemy of great. The book also touches the depth similar to the challenges of COVID-19 and realizes one has to do mankind & involve in healthcare services rightly rather than just being efficient in their professional career. The author very interestingly highlights the culture of discipline of a firm or a company in its random success.

  • ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ by Renee Mauborgne & W Chand Kim

If you are someone who keeps pondering on the question ” Do we believe that genius is simply born rather than formed?”, then you need to spend time on the very same book. The book explores the niche factors that contribute to one’s great success written in a flowery version.

  • ‘Thinking Fast & Slow’ by Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman, a renowned psychologist and winner of the Nobel prize in Economics explains two systems that drive various cultural and cognitive aspects of people. The book is written in a very simple form and conveys the message very clearly and candidly. A fun based understanding of the behavior of various stakeholders in varied scenarios.

All these beautifully penned books help you indulge effective management in the current situation and get you through the crises in the wisest of ways. The CRM for School Management in Kerala is very enthusiastic in focusing on e-library to rely on reading routines in this lockdown. 

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