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How Parents’ role and Student success is correlated during Online Learning?

According to the latest figures released by UNESCO, the current pandemic has a devastating impact on global education. The World Bank announced that more than 80% of the world’s enrolled students are out of their campus-learning in almost 161 countries. To ensure continual learning in this current outbreak, several academies have embarked on technological platforms to deliver learning programs to the students. Teachers are doubling as content curators and parents are stepping in as proctors prompting students with lesson plans.

It’s a nationwide tactic transition rapidly to stay connected with the students all over. As we all know schools thrive on timetables, daily attendance, lesson plans and so when compared with a virtual classroom is not as simple as plug and play. In this current scenario, with multimodal live classes, recorded lessons, e-textbooks, online tests, and questionnaires, parents have a substantial role and should convey seamless coordination across several modes of learning. Parent involvement is generally a key indicator of successful virtual school experience to build a self-motivated learning environment for their children

They support setting the pace, building a physical space intended for learning, and continue to encourage in the absence of daily face-to-face interaction. Parents often feel isolated and are unsure when to lean in and out of a particular online learning environment. This uncertainty may lead their children to lag behind, losing confidence in their proficiency. Parents are not meant to conform as the online course instructor, rather should foster support for the learning structure and help their children accomplish his/her goals.

Students Management System in Kerala is running parent orientation programs to forge constructive communication with parents. Online tools are curated and shared with parents also to help them be informed with the school’s portal an upcoming lesson plan. Schools are also engaging in parent interaction to help teachers in curating certain teaching-learning materials for their kids. Parents should ensure that children are effectively committed and entertained with the new technological opportunities at their fingertips in this current outbreak. This motivates students to work on interesting projects or independent research.

Time to create and utilize a family system framework for effective online learning can build a learning portfolio where a child is passionate about. Parents have to incorporate relationships within the household to facilitate their children’s learning for a better tomorrow.

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