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Do you know how Automated Online Assessments Evaluate Learning & Teaching?

Many schools & educational institutions are adopting online assessment tools to monitor student’s learning and academic progress remotely. This enhances the aspect of teaching & learning imparted by the school.

Apart from monitoring student’s progress, teachers can also set their goals for lesson plans and analyze whether they have achieved their task completely. This serves as a powerful tool in which teachers get feedback and can improve their performance. It also promotes better learning among students and gets the school rank accordingly.

Here are some of the advantages of Online Assessments:

Quick Feedback
It reports quick and clear reports of students’ results. This helps students analyze themselves the areas where they are strong and areas where they need attention.

This is one of the most advantages of an online assessment. It provides candidates full flexibility to take exams in a location of their own comfort. It also consumes less time and travel costs, hence reducing the stress of students and teachers.

Ease of Administration works
All the administration paper works including admission, fee management, and exam can be greatly improved in online media. It is an environment-friendly platform that saves time and effort on printing & distribution of exam papers.

Easy Moderation of Question Papers
Teachers can create a bulk of approved questions and can be utilized for all upcoming exams. This automated system makes exams be conducted faster in the most efficient and standardized manner.

Increased Security
All the exam papers, answer sheets, marks, and results are stored and secured digitally. Only those concerned people have access to exam information. This maintains the safety of exam procedures thereby reducing the stress for schools.

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