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How Schools Monitor Attendance During e-learning? - Scottsdale Global Innovations (SGI)

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How Schools Monitor Attendance During e-learning?

With the rapid transition to remote learning, many schools & institutions are finding the best online platforms to ensure student security and e-learning. The home support online classroom plays a vital role in this pandemic situation and is a School Management service that helps to conduct classes without any obstacles posed by COVID-19.

Hence attendance management is a vast challenge faced by the institutions. This ensures full support for academic growth to the students while at home. 

Here are certain tips to follow:

  • Self reporting in Google sheet

This is a kind of survey in which students can fill in for submission. The date & time is automatically updated. Students can fill with their names & submit the Google form.

  • Make video calls

It is the best way to make sure maximum attendance remotely. It is the easiest way to just switch the camera ON and attend the class. Random dropping out of students can be avoided through this approach.

  • Questions shared during class

This is another method to ensure the engagement of students during an online class. Instead of any particular order, ask questions randomly throughout the class. Students will be engaged expecting their chances eagerly.

  • Add timing for Assignments

Instead of a regular pattern of accepting assignments, fix a particular time format. Within the specified time, make students submit the assignments which prevent distractions and dropping out the session during class. 

  • Organic Quizzes after each class

Make sure every student attends the quiz based on the day-to-day class topics. This is an effective idea to motivate students. Quiz models can be sent through chat available in online tools or can send as email.

  • Group Discussion during class

Apart from one-way communication, engage students to discuss the topics during class and make them participate in teaching. This is also an effective method of tracking attendance. Either it can be initiated at the start or at the end of the class.

These are some of the ideas to keep track of students attending e-learning. It can supervise low attendance students in online classes & enquire with their parents.

This social distancing era is a crucial time to rely upon School Management Online Software. Greenchalk is a revolutionary low-cost system and is a one spot solution for the education management system in this lockdown. Usage of Greenchalk’s top to bottom School Admission Management System is highly efficient and effective. Various modules for inquiry, admission, and communication make this school online application system a vital role.