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Do you want to improve your Spoken English skills during a lockdown?

COVID-19 outbreak has locked almost everyone in their comfort place. During these eras, since social distancing is a matter of concern, the student population stays away from schools and universities. The CRM for School Management in Kerala is resourcing everyone to nurture new hobbies, engage in extracurricular entertainment, and improve your vocabulary in English. Here are some of the doors to utilize this period and explore the new world.

Talk to Yourself and dear ones
Choose a topic you yearn to discuss and try to speak out yourself and dear ones by chasing new words. Check for your facial expression on a mirror and repeat the routine with fascinating topics and exotic elements added. Strengthen your communication and adapt these words in your daily vocabulary.

Start reading books
It’s one of the fruitful ways of boosting your vocabulary. While reading, you may strike new words and gain the curiosity to know more about it. Scholars endorse a self-dictionary to find correct pronunciation when moving across new words. You could also choose
“Norman Lewis book 30 Days” to a more powerful vocabulary.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development encouraged the youth of India to come up with the ” Stay Home India with Books” initiative. The prospective goal is to promote reading activity in children and youth during the lockdown. Books can also be downloaded from nbtindia.gov.in.

Use Radio, TV or Podcasts
Active and attentive listening are the building blocks of strong vocabulary. This is an attentive skill to odd out new words and uncover the meaning. Listening to the radio or watching English news base your Spoken English while at home. Many online platforms have hosted a great exposure of podcasts discussing various topics and holding interviews.

By watching your favorite English movie, you discover how an anchor or actor pronounces a word. Try to assert those accents and speak well with good body language.

Watch English Classics or Dramas
With the online platform booming in the new reality, you can opt to watch English Classics or Dramas and encounter new words. Explore these words in a journal and update it’s meaning to memorize and use them in your daily language.

With these simple efforts and discipline in your lifestyle, helps you to build a stronger linguistic accent. Utilize this plenty of time to brush up your vocabulary, improve listening & communicative skill. Keep practicing, stay home, stay safe.

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