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In Spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, should children be promoted without examination?

As the world grapples with lockdown restrictions, some people have mislaid their job, some have switched the new normal to work from home conducting meetings via video conference and webinars. The Student Management System in Kerala has shuttered which induced digital transformation and home support online classrooms. With a surprising eve, it has also led to lots of confusion and online debates on examinations being conducted by the school.

Examination, assignments, and tests are the common buzzwords dreaded by almost every student across the globe. It is an official test to judge the knowledge, skill, and intelligence of each student. Here are some of the objectives of exams in students.

  • Strengthen subject and conceptual learning

While assuming a particular topic or session, students diligently make deep compassion only through tests and exams. It is a reflective process to analyze the real learning of each child where they can be evaluated with their peers.

  • Build personality and confidence in students

Children work harder, propelling the limits, and preparing the best for exams all the time. This sense of competition builds confidence and formulates personality in a long way ahead. 

  • Gateway to scholarships and higher studies

Competitive and entrance exams are a gateway to services for higher studies. Scholarships highlight students who are unable to afford fee payment. In other words, it’s a stressless opportunity to learn without fussing about their finances.

  • Assessment of teaching modes

Conducting exams is a medium to scale the effectiveness of teaching models. To performate students in attaining specific goals, teachers can vary their lesson plan and assessment criteria by analyzing exam results.

  • Glimpse into student interest and aptitude.

Examination inculcates positive feedback to institutions and teachers about the interest and aptitude of children. It can reinforce the strengths and weaknesses of children and bring out their best.

In the current scenario, various online debates and discussions are being conducted to plan exam schedules or promote students without examinations. Realizing the novel coronavirus, the decision-makers assess to conduct examination without potentially transmitting the pandemic at a rapid rate.

Online exams in the comfort zone is a perfect solution where children are more comfortable with the technology apart from the traditional exams. Without risking the health of school authorities, teachers, and students, online exams assess faster evaluation thereby augmenting the academic performance of students owing to the global pandemic.

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