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Do you want to polish your English language skills? - Scottsdale Global Innovations (SGI)

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Do you want to polish your English language skills?

When our mother tongue is not English, there are considerable problems you lack to clear up for flawless communication. Make utilize the lockdown and tailor a new normal routine while maintaining social distancing. The Student Management System in Kerala promotes excellence in education by recommending ” English language learning” to master children in English. 

Here are some books to refine your English language:

  • Be Grammer Ready

The book is depicted by John Eastwood providing updated grammar rules & information about the usage. It accentuates the needs of Indian learners of English quoting examples and exercises for practice questions. The book is tailored to achieve accuracy in the English language and is segregated in concise & informative chapters. Interesting and easy learning for professionals, exam aspirants as well as classroom teaching.

  • The Elevate Series

Penned by Shefali Ray, Samathmika Balaji & Simran Luthra where the series consists of 3 categories namely English Elementary, Pre-intermediate & Intermediate. It is a framework with international style, helping children to foster the knowledge of English vocabulary. Meanwhile, they can enhance this information in real-life usage and enjoy the process of learning.

  • Spoken English for My World

Sabina Pillai’s creation where children can sharpen their spoken English skills for a personal, professional, and social world. A very unique version with an interactive Smart Tutor along with quizzes in the Areal app. Someone who is looking to converse English cool in their daily life can easily opt for this book which has both audio & video components.

  • Common Errors in Everyday English

The book is authored by Saumya Sharma which covers certain usual deceptive mistakes, common errors, and mispronounced words. It also entails grammatical errors, confusing expressions made unknowingly, and so on. 

Reveal good books which help to improve your English grammar and vocabulary. The above-listed books cater to those preparing for competitive exams, to minimize common day-to-day errors, or just sharpen your grammar. 

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