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How to track your school bus using a bus tracking system?

One of the key benefits of school management is to assure the safety of students while commuting to school and back on time. The software integrated into the school website can infer the precise location of the bus and make certain that it reaps updates in real-time. 

Today, the school administration team has all up-to-date information about bus location, driver action, and vehicle speed. Bus tracking is a feature of the CRM for School Management in Kerala that pertains to parents with the school transportation system.

Why the Bus Tracking System?

As technological advancements are transpiring in every industry, a well-organized management system in the school is integral to extend productivity and minimize the chances of errors. With the increasing traffic and road accidents, there is an urge for parents and school administrators to get real-time updates on children’s school transport systems. Henceforth, in order to intensify the stress and guarantee safe & secure transport, bus tracking is vital for any school management system. 


  • Ensure Real-time Tracking & Access to location information

Parents are sent alerts instantly the bus leaves the school premises. They can trail the route of the bus for any deviation or delays. For late pick-up or drop, the tracking system acquaints school and parents while reducing stress. 

  • Ensure driver responsibility

The Bus Tracking System coupled with school software prevents drivers from indulging in foul play, via real-time surveillance. Hence schools embrace a system where drivers are accountable & responsible for the safety of students and the maintenance of buses. Unauthorized & fraudulent usage of the school bus, driver punctuality, no: of trips traveled, hours of travel, fuel usage, etc can be managed.

  • Ensure speed guidelines

This is one of the crucial challenges that schools face where few drivers violate traffic rules. Various complaints like speeding, breaking signals, etc can be minimized with the new features. The School administration team can rectify the misconduct of the bus on the road or any deviation from the scheduled route.

Considering all the benefits, schools invest in such features of management software not only to oversee the administration & learning of students but meanwhile enhancing the safety & security of children.

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