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Do you know some boredom busters for children while on quarantine?

The lockdown period in the era of the pandemic is not an easy suspicion to deal with. Gatherings, travels, outdoor fun, and all sorts of entertainment are restricted to an extent that sounds crazy at times. These are days where parent-child-family bonds can be ascertained with some indoor funds and inventive thoughts. The Student Management System in Kerala cultivates research skills and carve individual creative interest in different children.

Let’s keep the boredom at bay and share some of the fun things:

  • Practice yoga or exercise

Go ahead with such a routine and make children workout the session to stay physically active. Check out online tutorials to get guidance and combat the boredom & anxiety of lockdown. Wield the quarantine period rather than being glued to TV screens or mobile games. Get more active, indulge in indoor family games to get your bodies moving.

  • Make Arts and crafts

Never miss out on cultivating arts and crafts while encouraging your kids to explore ideas. With the school closures, children have plenty of free time to forge little dolls, paper planes/ boats, or origami crafts. Let them work on recycled materials such as plastic bottles, old newspapers, or paper cups and bring creative imagination.

  • Enjoy a new recipe in the kitchen

Get your kids to enjoy a heartily prepared meal and be ready to get messy. Teach them to make baked goodies, simple cookies, cupcakes, or mini cakes. This is a way of heartful bonding with your children and exhorting them to whip up their favorite dessert. Let them suggest the menu and help in cooking the entire meal, and decorate it with their choice. 

  • Indoor fun activities

Nurture indoor fun moments/ activities with the entire family in the comfort of your home. Children love to explore an indoor camp, tents using blankets, hang dark stickers on the wall or from the ceiling, etc to name just a few. You can enjoy the nostalgia of old photographs, narrate fond stories of past years, and so on. 

  • Get old board games

Old board games may not be a trendy game when correlated with the digital sources, but it can unite the entire family and get children entertained. Old board games like puzzles, snake & ladder, etc are perfect boredom busters.

Make these excellent opportunities with ingenious thoughts and let their imagination run wild without getting bored.

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