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Have you ever thought of some nutritive foods to enrich your child’s concentration level during exam time?

A generous diet with right nutrition is vital for the optimum brain development of kids. Parents should ensure that children have a regular intake of specific memory-boosting nutrients for their overall health.

Let’s have a glimpse for some of the energy boosters for children:

  • Black walnuts

For vegetarians, black walnuts are a good alternative source of fish. Intake of nuts, especially walnuts, combat Omega-3 supplements and are converted to DHA in the body. During the study break, amaze your child with a homemade granola bar. It is baked by mixing walnuts, energy drinks, roasted oats, and mashed dates. Bind them with water & treat your child the delicious wholesome drink. 

  • Fish

An essential fatty acid that nurtures IQ and aids cognitive development in your child during exam stress. Studies have asserted that fish can rectify the concentration level of your child with Omega-3 development in brain tissue.

  • Whole grains

We are aware of glucose, an energy source which augments focusing and concentration level in children. Whole grains release glucose mildly into the blood keeping the child mentally attentive throughout the day. Broken wheat, oats, bajra to name just a few are some of the whole grains.

  • Leafy veggies

Leafy veggies, especially dark, can increase the haemoglobin count in our body. Charm your children with iron content nutrition by regular intake of green leafy veggies in their diet. Rich with iron and folic acid, leafy veggies can bestow significant results in a child’s IQ development and concentration level. 

  • Diary

Include cheese, milk, and traditional yogurt in your child’s energy chart. Yogurt acts as stress busters and enhances performance levels under massive stress. Dairy products are rich in Vitamin B12 where it’s deficiency leads to psycho-educational functioning.

Graze your children with the right nutrition especially during exam eve to bind a positive impact on their mind and overall health. 

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