Learn From Another

Do you wish to converse like a native English?

Anyone can be competent in speaking English by conversing. It is neither a herculean task nor ridiculous to learn, rather just like learning swimming, driving, or riding a bike. The ideal way to be a good English speaker with an accurate accent and grammar is to keep speaking. The Student Management System in Kerala cultivates English vocabulary skills in different children to carve better attire.

Let’s have a glance at some of the keys you can follow:

  • Build interest and acquire an accent

Keep provoked by the native speaker’s phrases and exposures and recite them in daily life. Convey in English especially with foreigners to modulate your diction and accent.

  • Retain vocabulary

Recollect the words, phrases, and expressions based on the contexts. Nourish it through consistent practice and save the slang in your long term memory. Perceiving the context, retaining, and delivering the accent are reasonable learning techniques.

  • Utilize Technology

Try recording your style of slang, phrases, and expressions using smart devices. Playback and get the comparison of the original. The rhythm of music, lyrics, tunes, and dialogues of movies immensely grasps your attention. Attempt recollecting the accent and style to sound like a native English.

  • Use common idioms and phrases

Augment idioms and phrases in your spoken communication even if it doesn’t make sense. Enrich your fluency using these notions and make you compatible with a native speaker.

  • Tune your clarity of language

Modify the level of sophistication in your spoken language and give pace to how you say than what you say. Untie the stress and unstress of the words and relinquish a better understanding of communication.

  • Read aloud

Explicit your pronunciation via reading aloud in English. Use different kinds of slang with the natural flow of the language. In order to sound more like a native English speaker, try to mimic the way they share loudly. 

  • Use colloquial slangs

Work on various slangs of communication especially: 

Wanna (want to), Gonna (going to), and more. Literally not adaptive but listen to numerous kinds of slangs and express them while interacting.

  • Practice, Practice….

The traditional tagline suites here the most: “Practice makes a man perfect”. Practice the accent well enough and attain confidence. Entitle your voice to rise and fall fluently with better English.

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