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How to automate the academic calendar of your institution? - Scottsdale Global Innovations (SGI)

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How to automate the academic calendar of your institution?

Collaborate and communicate with all the students and parents in this lockdown through proper implementation of the academic calendar. Educational institutions intend various academic and administrative activities adopting this communication tool.

Calendar management pertains to a list of events mapped to different dates where the outcome is crucial for academic and business goals. The CRM for School Management System in Kerala procures multifold benefits to parents and students to plan academic timetables in a refined manner.


The Academic Calendar is the landmark scheduling various events like admissions, fee collections, examination, holiday, and important events. The concept drastically varies for schools and higher education as well. Schools plan a complete academic year in the form of various timetables.

There are various academic calendar automation tools termed as ERP software to communicate the landmark events and configure the timetables of the institution. Parents and students can access their specific academic calendar with a login option from home and strategize the upcoming events. Push notification or alert is generated via a mobile app.

Examination and fee dues are automatically added to the calendar from examination and finance modules apart from manual intervention. The general events and holidays are manually formulated by the admin with proper privilege. These uploaded events can be retrieved by distinct users using their dashboard.


Bolster the daily, monthly, and yearly schedule.
Access to teachers, students, and parents
Maintain track of Parent-Teacher meeting
All attributes with a single click.
Combined with a timetable module to improve the productivity of the institution.
Equalize the workload of teachers.
The academic performance of students has refined.
The paperless process reliefs from printing and distributing academic updates.
Emergency events or holidays are acquainted.
Enhanced fee collection

Greenchalk is a School Management Online Software in Kerala with integrated and personalized learning technology. It is a revolutionary low-cost system and is a one spot solution for the education management system in Kerala in this lockdown.

Usage of Greenchalk’s top to bottom School Admission Management System in Kerala is highly efficient and effective. Various modules for inquiry, admission, and communication make this School Online Application System in Kerala a vital role. Greenchalk also provides the Best School Management Software in Kerala that employs a unique solution for all school operations.