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Get ready to learn new English spellings during the lockdown

It seems very awkward that the lockdown period is the integral time to unlock English vocabulary and rectify your unknown spellings correctly. It is the historical time where you can disburse on any scientific discoveries, evolution studies, or innovation. 

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Make the best use of the period, staying safe and reworking on your shaded talents.

Our School ERP System in Kerala helps teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, and other essential student information. We have executed a materialist survey on digging the best ideas for children to wield the prolonged period amid school closures. 

Have you ever tried a spell-checker game? In short, spelling games are spotted as a serious sign of language development where most of the children are bewildered. 

The Student Management System in Kerala promotes virtual campaigns to be aware of the best parenting tips. In this article, we share some of the tips to build your learning strength in English.

  • Learn in retro style

Let’s prepare our children to explore in discovering knowledge and polishing language skills rather than spending on screen time. Contribute them to books, magazines, and newspapers for reference. Make them read a session and get remarked on the tough spelling in a book. Amend those words to rework and use them in daily vocabulary.

  • Make it memorable

Choose a notebook to quote the unknown spelling and drag the word for highlighting or point a sticker to see it often. Complicated words found in movies, series, or rummaging could be recollected by watching several times.

  • Keep aside in your mind

The traditional sort of spelling game is cross puzzles where everyone might have come across. The new technology has revamped the game series into a video game named Hangman. It is the evergreen dream of every child to win the game. These are the vital ways to keep the right spelling stored in your mind forever.

  • Create your dictionary

Embark yourself in cultivating a dictionary where the unknown difficult words are spelled in alphabetical order. Such a fun learning game mode stimulates your children to learn what they love. 

  • Initiate the learning through practice

“Practise Makes a Man Perfect”. Ensure your children recite the same words and command over the language at ease. Let them write a story or review a movie or game series using those words to enrich the correct English spelling.

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