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“Quiz” Do they Enrich Students’ Learning?

Today where education is treated as the forefront precedence in the world, there are numerous ways to learn and consolidate what has been learned. Frankly speaking, memorizing equations, important dates, formulas, figures, etc is quite daunting. Whereas accomplishing quizzes are more advantageous especially in online classes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

👉Now can anyone guess the significance of quizzes in education? Share with us…

💥Is it valuable in learning?

Have you got any evidence to ascertain whether it is valuable in education? Of course YES!! You can interpret to any teacher… Teachers conduct quizzes to comfort children and retain topics they have learned before. Moreover, the value of the quiz is quite unquestionable. 

💥 Do they Improve Concentration?

Quizzes alert children to pause their mind wander here and there, and rather help them centralize accordingly. Reading might lose your attention and henceforth quizzes play a vital role in combating your concentration level.  

💥Are Quizzes Fun?

Moreover, children reveal quizzes as a fun element to grasp quicker knowledge. ” A kind of practice that feels like a play”. An instant answer to questions where the countdown ends in a few seconds. In these ways, quizzes are defined as excellent doors of making learning fun.

💥Can Quiz Identify Knowledge Gaps?

Do children thoroughly learn their subject? 

Here we go with a quick learning option via a quizzing platform. Incorrect answers give a notion where you lack particular information. This simply analyzes knowledge gaps and areas that need more attention. 

💥Do they help in Revision?

Make children undergo revision in a quizzy manner. Set a quiz contest among friends and revise yourself stress-free. Get focused on key points and remind more beyond a mere reading. 

👉👉Shall We Conclude?

Beyond doubts, with dozens of reasons, we assume the value of quizzes in the education industry. Perhaps, you may have more queries on mindful learning and teaching experience. Share upon us… We at Greenchalk brings magical learning experience for children from the feel at home.