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Have you ever Re-imagined the Schooling post lockdown?

It’s a staring concern for all school management on how to face reopening of schools post lockdown. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large number of learners have transitioned successfully from offline to online classes. The ICT revolution got quickened in India with the Corona outcome and educational trends have advanced to the next level.

Coronavirus is a reality and we have to learn to live in the midst of the current situation. The CRM for School Management in Kerala has to instigate certain agendas in order to formulate the school network more hygiene for the return of the students. The process is based on three guiding principles:

  1. Preparation
  2. Precautions
  3. Prevention

The school shall propose these protocols to maintain physical distancing, daily medical examination for symptoms of corona among students, teachers, staff, and any parent or visitor entering school premises. School Management has to find remedies for important queries like

  1. The number of students that can be fitted in a class pursuing physical distancing.
  2. The number of days when students arrive at school and alternate days when they are scheduled with online classes.
  3. How can the mode of the curriculum be logically bifurcated?
  4. How to rectify an emergency situation of detecting corona positive suspects in the school premises and mitigate preventing the spread to other students.

School campuses should be clearly mapped to assess the mastery to provide protected and safe premises.

  1. Premises should be allotted and coded as safe and unsafe zones.
  2. All class activities, sports, entry, exit, etc should follow through the safe zone.
  3. Allocate explicit time for the back and forth activity of students from different classes to the playground, laboratories, etc.
  4. Identify a ‘Quarantine Zone’ in case of an unexpected emergency.

These guidelines would help mitigate the risk of mingling and crowding in the corridors and other spaces inside the school premises. These are sound strategies to be replicated in schools to curb the interaction of students on a regular basis thereby preventing gathering and physical proximity among children. Let’s preserve the education system enriching the vitalities and lessons by integrating culture, ethics, morals, human values while maintaining social distancing as a delegated priority.

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