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How can you keep your children entertained in this lockdown?

COVID-19 pandemic is propelling the world to change the way it looks. While realizing that social distancing measures are the need of the hour, the Student Management System in Kerala leverages children through a fruitful perspective which in turn helps them engage and restore balance in their daily existences. We can use this time to firmly motivate ourselves and boost our children to do the same.

  • Ascertain a clear routine

Adopting an obvious routine can help children plan and manage throughout the day keeping themselves engaged. It will sense a long way instilling discipline in children. Carve a timetable and stick to it to define a fixed schedule for your child. Online classes are the only possibility to explore learning in such a pathetic situation and assist your children in segregating study time from playtime.

  • Stimulate learning from home

Foster your children to make learning through visuals, animations, and games. Utilize the digital space at the current social distancing era while recreating a classroom setting at home space. Endeavor in your child to see what holds their attention and what interest they develop. Try to declutter your child’s study area to motivate them.

  • Create a ‘no-pressure zone’

This is an integral time to identify and focus on the topics your child is struggling with. Aid your children to overcome their anxiety-related learning as they can explore various learning comforts at their own pace. They are under no pressure to catch up with grades and help them face the fear of high competition to be the quickest learners. 

  • Cultivate hobbies

Hobbies are just good experiments to inculcate your child’s concentration level and make them more proactive. It need not be conventional but rather can conduct Origami, experiments at home, building your own working model related to science and technology, etc. Origami improves working memory and hand-eye coordination and your child naturally learns from measurements to fractions. Pick up your child and develop hobbies to engage them. 

  • Indulge in activities together

Spend some quality time and build a loving bond between you and your child. Indulge in funny indoor games,  right from the chores of cooking to even doing learning activities together. Gamified learning content makes them learn with fun parallelly. 

It is the right option for parents to get their butterflies out of the cocoon, eliminate the fear of competitiveness, and can build personal development by being together.

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