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Have you started Online classes? Make your learning personalized with Greenchalk!!

Let’s share some academic nostalgia… The ringing bells at the end of class hours, children left apart with further doubts & confusions, while other fractions getting bored, eagerly waiting for the next class hour and so on… Days are not nonetheless forgettable and let’s hope for the typical lifestyle on the school campus. 

Amid school closures, students are triggered for Online class sessions enacted equivalent to a live teacher. Different students have varied paces and it is critical to indulge personalized learning strategies and adaptive learning technology in current education.

Now you might wonder around Personalized Learning Concepts, right!! Let’s have a glance below…

It’s a curriculum build that circulates on each student and varies according to their capabilities. Ultimately, the end goal is to master children upon topics at the end of the lesson or chapters. Just visualize the concept of customized learning… WOW!! where every student gets the right kind of learning depending on how they grasp and what makes them curious a lot… 

Is it non-linear learning…?

Of course, you can’t expect all students to grasp the same manner as always. 

Now, what can we expect from Personalized Learning?

  • Children learn Self-assessment

They are taught goal setting, motivation skills, self-reflective abilities, and self-advocacy skills. These are quite beyond what you just call academic understanding. Also, these vital skills serve children of their forthcoming bright life as well. 

  • Weakened children are motivated without the siren of “special-ed”

Children can however fill their knowledge gaps, clear out the lagging information or concepts they have. For instance, if a fraction of children are weak in Maths, they are given personalized monitoring rather than badging them under the special-ed category. Henceforth, every child is stimulated to their strengths and weaknesses, and the learning visions are assured to reach everyone equally.

Find some strategies to implement…

  • Educate teachers to customize their teaching broadly

Train teachers to comprehend the concept, model of teaching, method, and the end goal to instill personalized learning in children. Debate the ideas and steps to implement the plans to execute the teaching method smoothie. 

  • Indulge a Game-based learning

Game-based learning stimulates children to learn at their own individual pace. As per the survey executed, math games ascertained in several school portals found a vast improvement of children in academic exams. 

  • Involve students to take part in the learning goal setting 

Students when involved in their learning goal setting, develop self-advocacy skills, and self-motivation skills. Entitle them to focus on their goal planning so that they stick to accomplishing them accordingly. 

What are the most effective learning strategies?


And lastly,

Let the children be perfectly fit for the customized learning process. 

  1. You could make them read a short story or heed to an audio version online & get them recorded verbally.
  2. Lend multiple opportunities for children to showcase their skills even practically. 
  3. Make your online classroom more flexible, the one with creativity, logical thinking, and reasoning.
  4. Flipped classrooms too highlight the learning sessions where students can pause or rewind the recorded class hours whenever they feel necessary. 
  5. Students are engaged in scholastic activities,  FAQ platforms, and other discussion forums to interact in the best way during these times of pandemics.