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Your kids may feel uncertain about COVID-19… Help them cope with it!!

Is your child aware of the ongoing news of coronavirus? Initially just realize what your child already knows about the current outbreak… Some may be more curious in enquiring questions while others don’t bother. If the topic doesn’t matter, don’t raise a question, rather nourish with some awareness thoughts. Be honest!! And ensure you don’t offer more than what is interesting to your kids…

We at Greenchalk, articulate this blog on how to deal with impatient children feeling scared and suspicious of today’s life…

Kids may find scary death counts and terrific news on COVID-19 & might think depressed. They always pay attention to your feelings. They might worry if the pathetic situation happens to their family or even themselves. So… while you as a caretaker disseminate the current news, stay calm & comfort your children to relieve them from the upset mood. 

COVID-19 has become a daily vocabulary everywhere…

At times, rarely some information or rumors become quite unclear to children or could feel a state of wonder to them. Moreover, it is a demanding situation to cope up with the mental development of your kids. 

Now how do you commence your conversation?

Be prepared to converse with your kids and lend them support in these tough times. Could be a dinner talk or anywhere, listen to their queries and gradually guide them the way they perceive. 

There are lots of media where children club bits of COVID information and also come across misleading or false news. Let them feel appropriate and comfortable to ask you any doubts. 

8 tips to protect and comfort your child


How do you specify them COVID-19 news feeds…

  • Explain the cause

It’s all about a germ-causing cough, sneezing, body pain & other traumas… 

  • Medium of Spreading

Hands are the ultimate medium that passes viruses through the mouth, eyes, and nose. Acquaint them with hygiene in daily routine, support them to wear a protective mask, ensure they wash hands frequently, and uphold social distance 6 feet apart from everyone. 

What is the suggestion you lend them??

  • Proper hand sanitizing or disinfecting, wearing a mask, and its disposal are few tips… Hand washing is practiced before & after meals, and also immediately after a cough or sneeze. Ensure they use a tissue while blowing their nose, or they cough in a bent elbow. 
  • Direct them to stay safe at their residence. Sudden school closures and shutters to all their outdoor fun spaces may annoy them a lot. Clear their anxieties and the reason to stay indoors to halt spreading the chain of the corona. Thereby they could reach their normal routine in the coming future. 
  • Hygiene and health matter the most… Ask them to consume a well-balanced diet, stay hydrated and pursue a healthy diet these days to reinforce their immunity power. 

Is your family member diagnosed with COVID?

A very isolated situation that seems in the majority of places. Children are quite nervous about residing in quarantine… Make them realize to strictly stay indoors and avoid contact with people outside your home. If your child is diagnosed with the current virus, don’t let them panic. 

Reassure your presence and doctors are always intact to recover them as soon as possible. Enlighten their day through fresh thoughts and urge them to fight against the chain of viruses. 


Stay calm in such a terrific situation and ensure children follow these guidelines… Recreate their routine of timely meals, scholastic indoor activities, study times, online classes, chores, homely entertainments, and bedtimes. Support your kiddos logical thinking with sorts of puzzles, art galleries, reading comprehension, etc. Seek an appointment with a health professional if you find some persistent difficulties in their behavior. Stay safe… Stay healthy…