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Self-assessment evaluates your learning goals… Do you agree? Now learn with Greenchalk!!

All these are common queries for parents of kids to the higher grade children. Across the article, we are going to narrate and develop a stepping stone for new learning strategies. Especially, when classes are being conducted online, there comes a vital need to actively engage children via self-assessment, self-monitoring, and discussions. 

So do you agree with the concept of self-assessment? 

Want to formulate your child’s metacognitive skills? Want to aid them to become lifelong learners? Well!! These amazing skills can be upgraded only through self-assessment. While teachers can only counsel & show them further steps in learning whereas children themselves should calibrate, self-assess and focus on their learning. However, these pandemic times are crucial to nourish a clever mindset in them as well. 

Self-assessment enhance Learning in several ways: 

  • Encourage students to reflect on their own.
  • To meet their learning goal sets.
  • Insist them to initiate relevant practices as learning methods
  • Children think of a complex problem & analyze solutions that fit into the contest.
  • Children receive a replica of where they stand now & then… 

Let Us Help Children in Learning…

“Practice Makes A Man Perfect”… Good practice and guidance develop a great awareness of problems, solutions, and route maps to fortune. Now, you might be wondering about an easy route map to success? Well, the answer is a Big NO… 

When children are taught how to compute and receive feedback on their works and assignments, they gradually become more liable in their attitude throughout their life journey. Your children might have answers to 

  • What do they know?
  • What do they need to know?
  • The hassles surrounding
  • How can they overcome the hurdle?

According to experts, children need to be actively engaged in their exposition rather than being passive recipients of teaching methods. 

Go for a Feedback Classroom

This recites one of the crucial ways of stimulating self and peer assessment. Provide them a platform to articulate their knowledge, conceptual understanding, etc among peers. It also enables everyone to rethink, clarify and clear all their imperfections. A real platform to analyze their strength, weakness, distractions, and obstacles. Children develop their sense of vocabulary and enrich their literacy throughout the curriculum. 

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Track the exponential growth of children and lend them an insight of research into their weakness, potential, feelings, and finally the ultimate progress…