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What do you think children grasp more? Reading Vs Technology!!

Today in this digital era, technology plays a crucial role in formulating opportunities for logical thinking and reasoning in children at their early age. Vocabulary enhancement, early language concepts to name just a few are some of the impacts… It affects the way we commute, learn & think as well.

Now you might be suspicious whether Technology Helps or Harms Children…

Irrespective of adults, a child’s brain is invariably developing… Technological learning may adapt them to think quickly, analyze complex questions and equations rather than textbook learning alone. Moreover, it has got some harmful aftermaths as well. Let’s see…

  • Behavioral changes
  • Fast obesity 
  • Sleeping problems
  • Distracted & violent nature
  • Find less playtime and other interactive sessions. 

✓What do you think is the moral behind Reading & Storytelling??

“The World of Imagination… The World of Characters… The World of Storytellers are often bound within a reading environment” Do you agree? Reading helps the little minds to build moral values, hold a collection of new words to connect sentences in their daily vocabulary, capture the imagination of characters, and finally improves listening as well as comprehension skills. These ways help them utilize all their senses to learn more effectively. A survey conducted reveals some children are better at oral or tactical learning whereas some are capable of visual learning. 

Technology-based learning… that all of us are experiencing… Here we go!!

With the emergence of online learning amid school closures, many institutions furnish live or recorded classes, video conferences, lesson plan strategies, parent-teacher-student bonding, instant feedback & more in an online platform with a pre-hosted academic calendar. Game-Based Learning is another bookmarked approach to actually stimulate memory power and boost children accordingly. Moreover, visual learning motivates children to stay intact even with a difficult concept. 

For children with speech disabilities or impairment, technology can tease a nil role. They could be enhanced only through repetitive reading and interactive activities integrated with physical therapy in full swing support. 

As technological advancement in education is ranking exponentially, Does it affect Family Bonding in Children?

Researchers suggest monitoring your children regularly to polish their social skills, compassion, and value of relationships that couldn’t be molded with technology. All you have to take notice of is 

  • Club your quality time with children
  • Listen, read and learn with them. 
  • Enquire how was their day?
  • Involve in their scholastic activities

Let them cherish special and feel encouraged… 

✓Hey!! Why don’t you merge Technology & Learning?

Collaborating with both technology and books can of course fetch a productive learning environment and boost young minds. Adapt your children with current and upcoming educational changes, indulge a habitual reading in their routine & enjoy learning with them!!