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How can you motivate students from the sense of isolation to school closures?

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused major disruption to everyday routine life.  Children may reveal it difficult to be physically distanced from their dear ones in school. They may also get frustrated to wear masks while running or playing. These dilemmas can be solved by making learning interactive. The CRM for School Management System in Kerala is organizing managerial skills to self-motivate students. Here are some of the tips to create a delightful and captivating learning environment in their comfort zone.

  • Give some ownership and control

Teachers can impel them, giving the choice to choose the topic or unit or assignments. Let them assign the relevant content so that they learn specific topics and may even dive deeper into some portions. Self-assessment is another way of empowering and engaging learners.

  • Student interaction

Make the online class more interactive by acknowledging them in a live class or communicating in the chat box. Get to know their unique personalities, care for them, utilize the FAQ discussion forum so that they interact with upcoming topics, and also make them share their interest and hobbies and create a strong relationship. 

  • Encourage students to contribute

Persuade students to contribute their knowledge to assist group projects or group study sessions. Inspire them to help their colleagues in learning and encourage them a culture of sharing. Foster them to review each other’s co-works and compute those skills and behavior.

  • Mix content delivery methods

Have short video lessons, break up long lecture recordings into bite-sized chunks to enrich more video views. Various quizzes or tests can be conducted within the video to augment them and improve retention. This gains and helps retain what they have learned.

  • Encourage accountability

Make study groups and periodic check-ins to create a sense of accountability and get feedback from learners. This compels them to submit assignments on time and be more immersed in group discussions and debates.

These engaging efforts enhance both learning and teaching experience. Students may not feel isolated and will get back to the class with curiosity.

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