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What are the impacts of the pandemic on the mental health of our children?

COVID-19 is evolving the massive global hurdle for the health, social, and economic crisis of our lifetime. Many children all over the world are at great hazard due to the increased rate of child abuse and violence. The loss or absence of primary caregivers of children due to the virus spread is another factor to be pointed out. The protection and mental well-being of these children are threatened under such pathetic situations.

In some families, children reveal the relatives being ill or dying from the virus. Such a huge impact on them intensifies anxiety and distress. Together we must stop devastating the impact of the pandemic on the world’s vulnerable children. Education is disrupted and many susceptible children are unable to access education and it’s mentorship. Many educational campaigns for children were launched to help them through their normal school existence and community.

We must ensure the health and safety of children through training and raising awareness on cleanliness. Moreover, we should support those children at risk of losing their primary caregivers, awfully grandparents. Various campaigns all over the world continue monitoring and furnishing care arrangements for the safety of children and people.

Children who had already faced neglect, abandonment, abuse, and exploitation felt great insecurity and inconstancy due to the daily changing routines in response to COVID-19. This is the apt moment where they need psychosocial support, virtual counseling, and alternative care to awake them from mental dullness. Various local child protection committees toil upfront to raise awareness and provide direct support to those in need.

Children are least able to cope up with the hardest hit of the disrupted education. Those living in poverty, refugee camps, and conflict zones may never return to school and may be forced to work to make their end needs. This is the biggest education emergency of our lifetime. An entire generation’s future is isolated into thin air. We must act now before it’s too late to safeguard their lives and rights.

Homeschooling using virtual tools is the only remedy to access continuous education under such a crisis. But many children have limited access to such virtual tools and technology to continue learning. The School Management System in Kerala is providing digital mentoring and education in comfort spaces to support continued learning of children under crisis.

Let’s build and support the resilience of those children in need and mold a future generation of spatial learning.

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