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Should you be a strict Parent?

Parents often broadcast their thinking with a strict attitude to discipline the children and make them obedient. The CRM for School Management in Kerala has organized many debates upon whether one should be soothing and friendly or strict in parenting. Most parents believe that strict parenting will better the complexions of children in the future. Hence children might feel parents as their bosses and may exploit strong family bonds, care, and open relationships.

No trust is built between parents and children and they may suppress everything from you. They are afraid of strict parents who lessen their self-esteem. They consider you within a punishable perspective whenever they share something with you. Strict parenting creates obsession and reverts an opposite impact on them as a rebel. These negative influences adversely affect a child’s behavior and family relationship.

Here are a few suggestions to alert your strictness quotient.

  • Never deprive your child’s mild pleasure

Even if the pleasure of your child in any instant may harm him/her, never ever wrap your child according to your convenience. Help the child understand the motive and realize that anything in excess is bad.

  • Never raise loudness against them

Kids raised with punitive discipline have tendencies towards anger and depression. They may feel lonely and neglected to manage their difficult feelings alone.

  • Harsh discipline tends to be more rebellious.

Studies have proved that children raised with strict parenting tend to be more rigorous and rebellious as they grow older. That means they come out with problems regulating themselves. The anger and disrespectfulness cross the perceived limit thereby overreacting harshly.

  • Parenting strictly undermines the relationship

Strictness never works to create better-behaved kids. They often become excellent liars to fulfill their needs. This will inherently degrade trust in your relationship and they cope with all situations alone.

  • Inculcate discipline in a routine formation

A disciplinary approach at a tender age is a boon for parents to mold their children on the right path. Try to reduce the strictness quotient that ought to be raised when your child takes it for granted. Make them proactive in the academic and extracurricular front on a regular basis for the betterment of your child.

As a parent, you are the best judge. Never end up being a confused parent. Discipline and good habits are life long virtues. Nurture your child with care and love that will definitely give you a perspective.

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