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How do you establish time rules for kids in computers/mobiles/screens?

Literally speaking, our children are born into a world where they grow up with computers, tablets & smartphones. Due to the school closures in the pandemic era, electronic devices manipulate a crucial role in the routine of children. These devices benefit learning & entertainment while indoors in one way or the other. In addition to its significance, too much screenplay can be detrimental in their development.

Researchers convey that children who spend too much time on screen develop behavioral and sleeping problems, high risk of obesity, etc. They hardly focus on education and learning. Hence ascertaining screen time rules for children has become utterly important in today’s life.  The Student Management System in Kerala cultivates research skills and build individual interest in different children

Here are some tips to set up an effective screen time rules:

  • Set a daily limit of play hours

Parents should curb their children’s time spent on screens on a daily basis. Schedule a timetable to spend playing video games or watching TV with their homework and school projects being finished. Ensures its usage is restricted during mealtime or before bedtime.

  • Be a role model

Reveal and teach the way to lead a healthy life by setting the right example. Fix your own boundaries and show yourself while using screen devices. Children imitate you and it’s ineffective if parents depend on screens the entire night or while having dinner.

  • Let your child earn their screen time

A tricky way of establishing screen time rule is to let children handle household chores to earn their screen time. Teach them basic skills like cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc. Track them & assign points to earn corresponding to the minutes they finish their work.

  • Determine areas where screens are prohibited

Just construct areas around the house where no devices are allowed. Strict them to ignore the usage of smartphones or tablets while at the dinner table or when they are already in bed. Make sure television is installed in the living room, unlike the bedroom.

  • Spend time together

Immerse your quality time with children and teach them other sources of fun and entertainment. Carve out your time and attention for kids, no matter how busy you are. Play indoor games & enjoy backyard play, fun learning activities, and more.

Make convinced these tips are effectively implemented. The less accessible the electronics are, the easier to prevent addiction. Let the screen don’t play a toll on your child’s mental development. 

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