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Do you know some best outdoor activities to keep your kids entertained right now?

This is the time when parents might think about retrieving their kids engaged while maintaining social distancing. Many kids love to explore the great outdoors with their toys and games capturing attention. The CRM for School Management in Kerala is organizing virtual campaigns to aware parents of the safety and durability of children, especially at the moment.

Actively monitor your children anytime they are playing indoors/ outdoors. With the sunny backyard afternoon to rainy evening & morning, engage and entertain your kids with some toys and games.
Let’s discuss:

Meadow ring toss game
This resembles a traditional plain fun game for indoors as well. It offers a fantastic opportunity to focus, coordinate, and determine. Lay them closely for kids and dissipate them apart for bigger children.

Balance board
This is a fabulous game with a rope attachment for even the youngest wigglers. Practice its balance and develop core strength that translates the skill to skateboarding and snowboarding.

Detective Set
Your kid can solve whatever mystery they encounter in the set. It could be an eyeglass, walkie-talkie, a camera, a red lens, a periscope, or a bag.

Sand playset
Children love to play in sandy areas. This kind of an adorable wooden sand set is ready for the play. Each scoop has an embossed pattern that is perfect for sand stamping.

Water playset
This playset keeps your little ones busy, quiet & happy and can also be brought inside while rainy. The tabletop sized activity set is filled with either water or sand to satisfy their play needs.

Mini golf set
Kids develop formal golf interests at the age of 6. The game can clench their attention span and keep the young bodies moving for prolonged periods of time. Kids could entertain in an hour or more endeavor out of this game with minimal parents’ support. Set up a backyard competition and build their focus and concentration.

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