Learn From Another

How do you teach your kids while self-isolating from Coronavirus?

While indoors, retain children focused and motivated with enough productive activities and encouraging virtual learning at home. Wield the moment as additional family time to instruct children the life skills and build relationships. The Student Management System in Kerala cultivates research skills to increase curiosity and build individual interest in different children.

  • Resilience

While an unprecedented crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic creates feelings of anxiety among children, parents should control their emotions in front of children. This kind of emotional resilience aids in a sense of hope and positivity among them. Let children comprehend about the areas of life in uncertain times. Parents have to model a sense of attitude, kindness, and gratitude to reframe challenges.

  • Train to become self-sufficient

Parents could furnish children with the ultimate training ground to learn life skills. At home, parents can offer the opportunity to teach children about rationing, cooking, and budgeting for food. Children can also cultivate gardening, knitting, and sewing.

  • Acquire from the older generation

Kids can learn a lot by conversing with the older generation. Let them learn lessons of life and positive thoughts. The older generation has decades of experience to share with the youngsters. They have unique insights of their own to pass on to younger folks.

  • Online safety

Here attains the ideal time to teach children about online safety. Acquaint them to navigate the digital world safely. Parents could teach them to use their digital skills to connect with wider communities during self-isolation.

Build relationships, unite with the community, and foster a sense of self during these difficult times.

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