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How to improve concentration levels of your child?

According to child development experts, the average time children emphasize one activity is approximately 4times their age after which requires a change. Children core on long hours to listen to familiar and interesting things while they need to spend more enthusiasm and understanding to correlate unfamiliar things for hours. This can lead to early onset of mental tiredness for them.

Children lose focus due to disinterest, academic struggle, anxiety, and stress, distractions, being overactive, and more. Concentration and memory are liable for thinking, reasoning, managing emotions, problem-solving, and decision making.

The CRM for School Management in Kerala is organizing indoor activities to assist our children to memorize, focus and pay compassion in the following ways:

Memory Games
Arrange about 10 toys or more books or any other household things in a particular order. Let the child remark for a couple of minutes. Children formulate mental imagery, or mnemonics to remember the order and make them arrange the same.

Name Chain Games
Here the first player says a name. The second player should tell the name the first one said and heeded by a new name. The third player should repeat the first two names in the same order followed by another new name. The game proceeds until one person makes a mistake

Follow the leader
This game shows a series of actions with one player as a leader and the rest of the followers. The leader may blindfold the followers and ask him to listen to the sounds to identify the material being tapped and retain it in memory.

Mix it up
Rearrange things or mess up the table from usual. For example, hang a photo upside down, lay the cushion cover inside out, etc. Let them infer the change and identify the difference. You could also try another option by spotting a few things on a tray and entitling them to observe. Hide the tray and see how they can recall things.

Get Artworks
Involve children in different visual art forms to focus better and refine their creativity. Craft, painting, drawing, sculpting, etc can touch visual sightedness and allow them to rework with every minute detail. Let them recall the colors of paint, and draw the picture.

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