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Do you know, Virtual Classroom has a vital advantage during the lockdown period?

It has been an unprecedented year with most affected schools, colleges, and universities. The imposed lockdown has disrupted the learning, shutting down face-to-face classes, scholastic activities of children, interactions, communications, and more. No wonder the children and parents perceive emotionally and psychologically drained at this juncture. The Student Management System in Kerala has evolved with various regulations of virtual learning from the comfort of home.

In the current scenario, virtual classrooms are worthwhile to continue their learning journey. A fixed routine between study time, playtime, and hobby time is enriched to develop confidence, discipline, and self-esteem among children. It recreates the school schedule at home beginning with morning classes, online homework, assessment, guidance, debates to name just a few. 

The motives of the Virtual Classroom during the lockdown period are as follows:

  • Easily Accessible

It obliges only an internet connection with good speed and a computer or mobile. Unlike the hassles of commuting to school and heeding classes, students are open to the online environment at their fingertips. The session can be recorded for later use.

  • Convenient Usage

Students can schedule their study time accordingly and learn at his or her own pace and time with their existing responsibilities and commitments. Students get plenty of time to comprehend the information learned, practice, research, and understand the topic in detail instead of struggling with pressure and intensity.

  • Can be personalized

Content is personalized to meet the learning needs through visualization, podcasts, and webinars. Students can customize the learning environment, the interaction between facilitators, and students as per their personal preferences. 

  • More individual attention

Teachers have enough options to interact with each student online, instruct, and address specific issues even after the class sessions. Unlike the usual stress of managing school hours, evaluating notes, commuting, etc, teachers can take care of children more than in the material classroom.

  • Improved attendance

Home support online classrooms have provoked considerable improvement in the attendance of students. Every child participates and interacts in the class accordingly with leisure and exciting experience. The most tedious topics can be made clear and comfortable with digital technology thereby improving the learning curve.

Establishing a routine will retain children engaged and disciplined while staying indoors. Let every child attend online class arranged from school maintaining social distancing and following hygiene practice.

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