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Check out a few ways to discipline your child?

The journey of a little baby from toddlerhood into school years seems to nurture his individuality and craving for independent. They act out of control and reveal rebellious behavior as a sign of their growth. In such cases, disciplining a child with love and empathy summits the priority.

Discipline is about guiding your child toward the right choices. It should never be equated with punishment. Punishing makes him rebel against instructions & orders and asserts him to repeat the same. Adapt your child with a positive discipline to create trust and build responsibility.

Let’s guide our next generation by following certain tips:

  • Show empathy & attentive

Spend time with your child and earn him feel special & loved. Children always oblige the attention of their loved ones, otherwise, they will pursue it out in different ways.

  • Stay calm

It is very hard to remain your child calm while tantrums. Try to acknowledge their problem rather than screaming. It is extremely rewarding if you can curb the irritation and send the right message.

  • Set an example

Strive to do activities that you expect from your child, whether it is speaking politely or behaving to elders or being cleanly. Your child will automatically do the same once he observes that you are consistent in these factors.

  • Never threaten or lie

Sometimes parents make quick lies to scare their child from unnecessary behavior. It certainly builds anxiety and fear in their mind and makes them feel unpleasant.

  • Avoid physical punishment

Hitting and spanking will negatively affect your child’s behavior. They might perceive that aggressive nature is acceptable.

  • Praise good behavior

Positive attention and encouragement is a better disciplinary tool you can adapt to. Praise them for whatever good they do

The only medication against the rebellious attitude of your child is your attention. Show your child with love and kind words. Encourage and praise whenever they accomplish a task. Your child will automatically learn discipline through care and your presence. The CRM for School Management in Kerala inculcates to share motivational aspects to liberate children in this lockdown period.

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