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How to comfort your child to prepare for exams during the pandemic outbreak? - Scottsdale Global Innovations (SGI)

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How to comfort your child to prepare for exams during the pandemic outbreak?

Preparing for an exam during a pandemic can be a nerve-racking experience for children. Parents can empower a supportive environment, reassure your child about the exam, and abandon them from being anxious. The Student Management System in Kerala is intending the stepping stone for effective online exam preparation for children. Parents can help them allot time for each topic, segregate the syllabus, and plan their schedule. Here are some of the cues and tricks taken for consideration:

  1. Read over the online exam procedures
    Get to know how the exam will be structured, what supplies they need, does it accommodate certain learning differences, and how giant is the exam. Parents can confer their testing website, their class notes uploaded, or consult school authorities for more information.

2.Contact their teacher
Teachers can spot your child’s weak points and relieve them to learn more effectively. You could email the teacher and set up a conference as well. You might clear your queries regarding their performance and motivate them in preparation.

3.Find a practice exam
Try to track down practice tests often asked in previous years. This assists them to relate how the exam is structured and formatted. You can sort these tests online via the examination website portal. These provide them review guidance before the exam

4.Schedule study plan
Organize a timetable and stimulate a consistent schedule to form a healthy studying habit. Find a modest space where there should be no distractions. Aid your child to improve concentration and study undisturbed for their examination.

5.Create study aids
It is quite necessary for children to memorize information and recall it on demand. Foster certain studying practices on a daily basis to learn effectively rather than cramming the information from a book. Have them memorize the formula, read passages, and accentuate important points.

6.Tackle test activity
Remind them that the exam wouldn’t define their self-worth. Children often feel anxious about exams and are nervous. Let them realize that they are a wonderful and talented person. Let the child pursue other activities and indulge in hobbies too. Do not overwhelm the child and exhort them to do their best.

7.Teach relaxation techniques
Show your child how to handle their periods of panic. Calm your child to direct on the exam itself. Smiling can help relax the body even if they are miserable.

Consent your child on the day of the exam. Allow a good sleep before night. Double-check their supplies and ensure they arrive on time.

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