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How do parents know if their children are anxious?

It is of course common among children to get anxious when they come across different dilemmas and lifestyles. Studies proved that the rate of its intensity in children is increasing promptly. However, there are instances where anxiety affects emotions, social, and physical development. As of now, the discussions about COVID-19 news have dominated which has elevated the anxious level of children deeply. The Student Management System in Kerala has organized awareness webinars to shed some light on the doubts of how parents can know if their kid is anxious.

As mentioned it is common for children to get fear and anxious but if the child fails to outbreak, it becomes a need to be addressed. It can restrict them from involving in social activities or academic activities at school. It propels back their potential to do things that other children do.

Here quote some elements which trigger anxiety among children:

  1. If the family or the people with whom they spend more time are facing anxious issues, then definitely children cultivate the same naturally.
  2. Death of closely attached people or pets.
  3. If the parents always fight or quarrel with each other.
  4. An after-effect of intense illness or accident or worthless events.
  5. If the child faces abuse or negligence at home or school.

How you may notice in your kids?

Some children who swivel their home upside-down and scream at parents & siblings seem well mannered at school. While some who feel softhearted and calm at home become uncontrollable the moment they leave the house. Some children complain of health problems as excuses for exams, assignment works, or even daily school going. There are children with fears of darkness, loneliness, animals, insects, etc. Children may perpetually find negative sides for each and every aspect. All these factors are unrelated signs of anxiety in children.

Tips to tackle your child’s anxiety

  • Encourage a positive attitude

Teach your child to cope with anxious situations. You can ask them to take a deep breath, count back from 100, urge to use a stress ball, or even engage in entertaining scholastic activities.

  • Engage with friends or dear ones

Even though social distancing is a matter of concern, make use of video calls, emails, chats, and connect your child outdoors.

Talk to your child, patiently hear them, and relieve their stress and worries. Support your child and help them to tackle issues. Never ignore them and remember, nothing can replace your support.

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