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How do parents benefit from implementing a proper online fee payment system?

Gone are those days with long queues of fee payment in the administrative office and the hassles regarding depositing cash and cheques. With the digitization revolution, let’s wipe out the past memories of huge files containing details of fees collected and yet to be collected from students. The CRM for School Management System in Kerala procures multifold benefits to parents and students to manage payments in a refined manner. 

The enactment of online fee payment and collection has solved the inherent complexities in the structure of operation with a simplification tone. Let’s shed some beneficiaries of the current trend.

  • User-friendly interface

A user-friendly platform is processed for parents, teachers, and administrators. Even the non-technology savvy parents pay fees with minimum training via mobile interface features. An effortless way of fee collection process reducing 70% of human intervention. Parents find more comfortable in handling the secure and paperless platform. Administrators can observe any possible errors and check for fee details.

  • Saves time

The integration of fee management solutions makes fee remittances much faster. There are different payment options like debit & credit card, net banking, e-payment, and more. A real-time auto calculation for fines and discounts minimizes the hassle-free processing and automatic generation of fee receipts saves the valuable time of parents or guardians.

  • Scalability

With the scalable feature, the system can handle thousands of fee transactions at the same time. The system will auto-calculate on demand while hundreds of parents rush to make the fee payment.

  • Transparent & Reliable

With payment tracking systems, unauthorized and fraudulent practices are not permitted. High-level transparency is observed in cash management by tracing suspicious activities if any.

  • Fee Notification

Parents are well informed in advance and payment is done before due. It reminds them via auto-reminders, real-time notifications, emails, SMS alerts, and mobile push notification to avoid ignoring important fee dates.

  • Available over 24/7

The cloud technologies invoke the system available online 24/7 from anywhere across the globe. Even the last-minute fee payment is governed irrespective of the parent location without burden meanwhile empowering online fee payment.

These customized and data synchronization features automate, simplify, and deploy fee payment easier for parents to benefit from secured cloud services.

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