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How to cope with children psychologically as COVID-19 imposes social distancing?

The current situation probably sounds to cease outdoor entertainment completely. The so-called social distancing had shut down the world greatly curtailing various pleasures, travels, gatherings, school closures, and more. The pandemic news has spread over every website, social media app and television channels whirling kids into deeper concerns and anxieties.   

Psychologists say that anxiety is normal and something the public should be more alert, careful, and thoughtful of the after-effects of the cause. The Student Management System in Kerala is organizing awareness, letting children stay distanced with one another to cope with such uncertainty.

When your mind exaggerates COVID-19 news, it’s normal to feel nervous. But it may be an unhelpful range if you can’t stop thinking about it or if you can’t enjoy a conversation. Here are certain tips from the psychologist to eliminate too much of anxiety:

  • Allow yourself to smile

Humor is a positive mechanism for all of us from kids to adults. But there are times when it is not apt to cross that line. Children find plenty of jokes throughout their friends and on social media platforms. Humor is healthy in moderation and allows you to smile rather than getting upset.

  • Focus on positiveness

This is a bit more challenging criteria for children on what to focus on. Flexibility on what you think is most crucial at the right moment. Stay connected with friends, activities, and family virtually, and make them perceive fresh & positive. Devour time chatting with your dear ones even if they are far apart.

  • Follow a routine

With the abrupt school closures, the daily routine of children has been shattered. Let’s motivate children to revise to a daily schedule similar to the school timetable.

  • Get active

Streamlined with social distancing, it would be cautious to indulge in indoor activities, like an online yoga class, or finding a jump rope, or even run up & downstairs, read interesting books, an experiment in cooking dishes, etc.

  • Reinforce good hygiene

Render children and your family stay healthy and keep your hands clean always. Without getting panicked, hygiene yourself every time you come home from the outdoors or receive packages delivered to the door. Gently remind children to cough into an elbow. Try to clean the door handles and sanitize the materials purchased. Never take offense with the situation and stay home.

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