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Is it possible to beat smartphone addiction in children?

Smartphone addiction is a real pathetic fact or an illusion of children these days. Adults and children are aggressively fixing smartphones as a facet of them while commuting with others, walking, cooking, and so on. As per a survey performed, 80% of people continuously check their pocket device every 15min of waking up. 

The Student Management System in Kerala promotes virtual campaigns in children to energize logical thinking and avoid overuse of smartphones. Greenchalk is a unique Online School Management Software in Kerala with an integrated curriculum, timetable & lesson plan.

School closures are a crucial space where most children are booming with the usage of smartphones. Moreover while completing an assignment or project, writing a report, homework, etc. Children have their phones aside invariably and always.

We operate as the Education management software in Kerala. We have analyzed certain tips to conquer additive usage and are as follows:

  • Set a fixed period for usage

Bring it a strict habitual routine to endure your cellphone in your daily life. Chart your child to use in a set interval and you may hide phones from them the other moments. Henceforth, children stop it’s usage while encompassing a productive task or during studies.

  • Hide notification

This is one of the integral factors where students are distracted and bombarded with their homework or assignments. Turn off notifications regarding new games, messages, or even offers. Win your child to concentrate on their work.

  • Limit certain boundaries

Smartphones should be limited during meals, reading, restrooms, bedrooms, or chatting with friends and family. Keep them at bay and see your worth in reducing the additive graph.

  • Avoid the smartphone as a real clock

Adults and children are easily enticed to smartphones with regular intake. Children often check for alarms on their smartphones. Invest in a proper clock or real watch and swap your phone away.

  • Screen your phone with a long-tailed password

Remember to set your password with 10-12 characters with upper/lower case, numbers, special characters, etc. Make it severe to re-enter your screen lock passcode. This may degrade you from the optimum usage of the phone. 

For more guidance: https://www.cune.edu/academics/resource-articles/examining-effect-smartphones-child-development

Wrapping up

Enrich your children from Nomophobia addiction, implement these ideas, and take a break from smartphones.

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