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How automated is your school?

It’s an overwhelming concern for the educational industry with the piles of administration work, stress for teachers on slating lesson plans and classes, procuring instant feedback, and attendance management online is easy with school management software in Kerala.

Greenchalk is a School Management Online Software in Kerala with integrated and personalized learning technology. It is a revolutionary low-cost system and is a one spot solution for the education management system in Kerala in this lockdown.

Henceforth, let’s streamline a change in the educational system of today to retain accuracy and oversee the workflow smoothly. The dearth of a proper workflow can have significant trauma on the onboarding system as well.

Automation in the administrative process

Modern technologies of Artificial Intelligence have renovated manual interruption like repetitiveness and time-consuming tasks with a cost-effective solution empowering administrative heads. A tremendous amount of workload on administration staff is curtailed especially during student enrollment.

e-filing integrates a large number of reports and data collected into a cloud system. The team can upload the appropriate form and deliver it for approval. The management head or decision-maker can then approve or deny the request and re-upload the equivalent which can be downloaded for further use or cataloged in the system. Automate your institution from manual documentation issues, the quest for approvals, etc with just a click of a button. Greenchalk is the School management services in Kerala.

Some of the examples are as follows:
Fee payment disbursement
Students and Faculty transportation management
Class schedule planning
Admission and onboarding system
Financial budgeting and vendor approvals
HR management
Curriculum calendar

These prolonged burdens are facilitated while maintaining peer relationships with teachers, students, parents, and staff. The CRM for School Management System in Kerala procures multifold benefits to parents and students to plan academic timetables in a refined manner.

Ease teachers responsibility
Teachers can alleviate new technology by concentrating more on their core area rather than spending time on undue paper works. They can direct more on lesson plans, student activity areas, teaching, and attendance tracking. Timelier feedback on exam results is a tedious and mandatory procedure for any routine class. Automation in the grading system is an added boon to analyze homework, quizzes, projects, assignments, and more with faster response and quality teaching.

Stay organized with real-time tracking of detailing admin works and student learning. Make the real transition of new technology which correlates parents, students, and teachers as well.

Usage of Greenchalk’s top to bottom School Admission Management System in Kerala is highly efficient and effective. Various modules for inquiry, admission, and communication make this School Online Application System in Kerala a vital role. Greenchalk also provides the Best School Management Software in Kerala that employs a unique solution for all school operations.