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Student Engagement in Virtual Classroom

With the unprecedented situation of lockdown, educational institutions are being shut and most of the schools have adopted virtual classrooms in their comfort zone. With most students taking up home support online classroom, it has become a great challenge to keep them engaged, motivated & interested. It is indeed an essential task to bring creativity & keep students stimulated.

A completely different teaching skillset is required in online than you would do in person. Here are some of the ways to make fun & engage students adapt to newer methods:

  • Breakdown the lesson & make it digestible

Before we get into fun & games, it is best to start with time management. Timing is crucial in online learning. So you need to break the lesson in a short, crispy and present interestingly digestible explanation with more slides in presentation.

  • Set daily routine for Virtual Learning

Students may not be familiar with the concept of virtual classroom. Hence teachers can start a routine every morning by making them understand with the guidelines on usage of Mike, camera, chatbox etc.

  • Set goals & rewards

Make sure each lesson has a clear outline that you share in the online classroom so that students know their learning process to set their goals. Reward is a sign of positive feedback for finishing a task during a lesson. You could also try points scoring via playing games or fun learning activities that students would prefer.

  • FAQ platform

This is the best way to keep students engaged. Instead of just explaining & reading lessons, teachers can put questions in FAQ discussion forums. Also engage students to discuss & question certain topics in the virtual classroom.

  • Progress check-ins

Make sure you build continuity between lessons by doing quick revisions or quizzes on previous topics. This helps students memorise & remind them of their long term progress.

  • Bring fun into classroom

The real key to get students in e-learning is to find out what motivates them & give them their reason to be engaged in the classroom. It can be music, chatting about a particular subject, connecting what you are doing to the real world etc. Try different moves with your students and make it work for them. 

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