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Decode the Challenges faced by School Staffs Working Remotely

As a result of the current Coronavirus outbreak, all educational institutions are focused to shut down. Travel bans, campus closure and isolation measures have made students & staffs to learn and work from their comfort zone. Staffs are moving into online platforms to complete the work remotely to ensure continued functionality of the organisation.

Here are some of the challenges faced by staff members:

  • Difficulty in managing home distractions

The home is an atmosphere of family, pets, friends etc. Working from home is a great challenge of today where interruptions come from outside. Find a place in your home, where you feel self motivated to complete the task.

  • Conducting Meetings

Communication bond between School Management and staff members is necessary so that they are updated in the overall matters remotely. An integrated online software makes it easier via videoconferencing or messenger chat box & makes the team communicate effortlessly.

  • Track the Management

While working remotely, some staff may not work through the working hours & hence lack productivity. So it is important for School Management to utilise popular online tools to track the working hours. Hence detailed report of the worky hours can be updated.

  • Student-Teacher-Parents gap

Home support online classroom is a unique solution to monitor the Academy Management System via lesson plan, online test, online assignment etc. It also gives a platform for students to clear queries if any with teachers and connect parents on a regular basis.

  • Managing new Leads & Fee collection

School Admission Management System is another challenge facing today as it requires face-to-face interactions. An integrated online software linked in schools website can be convenient for delivering online modules like fee management, admission management etc. This helps the administrative staff to track the management from lockdown interruptions.

These ways can boost the productivity of institutions even working from home.

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