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What are the key measures to be taken when schools re-open after COVID-19?

Countries around the world are striving with the COVID-19 pandemic that concerns the reopening of schools after the wave of such a pathetic outbreak. Reopening schools alerts the health risk of the viral resurgence of students. Teachers and Parents are grappling with three important questions on how the CRM for school management system in Kerala responds to the safety of students back into the classroom.

  1. When schools reopen?
  2. For which segments of students is it applicable?
  3. What are the health and safety measures assumed?

Potentially decision-makers should contribute confinement measures in the contest of reopening schools.

  • Ensure social distancing in the classroom

Social distancing is a recommended remedy to eradicate the spread of viruses. The education management system assigns distance norms that space the school desks of each class confirming the distance of students and staff. Students should be assigned seats in rows henceforth avoiding school assemblies and large gatherings.

  • Promote health hygiene practice

Guide students to hand wash and sanitize regularly and disposal of tissues or paper towels to disinfect the virus spread. Keep reminders for students to provoke them to be personal hygiene during and after the school campus. Stimulate the use of face masks for kids older than three years. Temperature checks for those who show fever symptoms is a sensible option.

  • Transport and Cafeteria facility

School bus and school cafeteria are places with a high influx of closeness between students and teachers. The School Management System should engage special attention in disinfecting these spaces. Students should be instructed to use their personal transport as far as feasible. In the cafeteria, varied lunchtimes should be entertained with physical distancing and at most hygiene. Endeavor to encourage students to have lunch in their own classes.

  • Hire a designated person and a school nurse

Every school campus is advised to keep a registered contact person to update parents and address them in case of an emergency. It is mandatory to hire a school nurse to survey students and isolate them from other sick students if any.

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