Learn From Another

What surprising skills does an online teacher possess in the social distancing era?

Teachers from kindergarten to high school are striving to make online education more significant, comfortable, and effective. The Student Management System in Kerala is  furiously multitasking with the digital platform to specialize in teaching skills. You might choose

  • Sophisticated communication skills
  • Extensive subject expertise
  • Current industry knowledge
  • Advanced technological usage

These are perfectly valid choices but there sparks a particular talent- Patience

The massive ability to be patient is a well-kept secret in the world of online teaching. It may not light up attention compared to new technology but it’s even more influential than later. More than good technology, students employ support, empathy, and a human bond. Many teachers all over add a patience approach to assist the students and solve their problems. This is a breakthrough moment for teachers to counsel students with strong conviction and ever-friendly.

Here are some manners where teachers can patiently help students achieve:

  • Communication

Frequent connection with students helps you accomplish in your online class. The more enthusiastic you are glimpsed on the screen, the less anxious students shall be. A patience approach makes communication more effective. Try to adjust your tone, voice modulation whenever necessary. 

  • Reduce student confusion

For instance, when a student is struggling with a concept or information, teachers can be the more cheerful, mindful, and empathetic approach to explain the core ideas again. Answer their queries and suspicions while constantly grading on the basis of understanding.

  • Calm and Reassure Panicking students

You can help a distressed student to calm down and relax. Teachers could actually listen to the first and foremost so that they seek practical advice and beyond.

  • Empower students to become independent learners

With the rushed online platform, teachers may just fire off quick answers to students’ questions. But a little patience can oversee them with relevant explanations and resonate more closely with students’ experience. This develops students into real progress and leads to dominant learners.

Hence with a patience approach, you can clamber students out from the darkness of confusion, and stand bright in the sunlight of knowledge. Let’s turn more nervous, self-doubting learners into confident achievers. 

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